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Re: Tree

On Tue, Jul 5, 2011 at 10:31 PM, Ian Lance Taylor <> wrote:
> konica sarker <> writes:
>> My task is if two node "A" & "B" contain integer values, but if those
>> are separate address space, is there any way to identify there address
>> space?
>> if two nodes are pointer type, in c-typeck.c file, ?with
>> TYPE_ADDR_SPACE() it is possible to find out whether they are is same
>> address space or not. but my ?question is how is it possible for
>> integer type ?
> The named address space extension only affects pointers. ?An integer
> value does not have an address space. ?So the answer to your question is
> that it does not make sense.
> Perhaps you are thinking that an integer loaded from a pointer to a
> named address space should be marked as coming from that address space,
> but that is not how the extension works.
> Ian

ok. I have a very basic question. If you know, please reply me.
suppore I have declared variables like :
_X char a;
char b:

so, is there any way to find out that "a" is declared in "_X"  address
space, and "b" in generic address space?

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