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Macros automatically defined by GCC?

I was looking through the GCC documentation trying to see what macros
I could find that were automatically defined, but I couldn't find an
comprehensive list of all of them, I could only find some to fit some

By this I mean, I know there's a macro defined called "GNUC" which
gives version information (I was specifically looking for this, though
I would like to see a comprehensive list). Another, I believe, was
ANSI, which I saw in the documentation, which is defiend if you run
GCC with the flags to put it in ANSI compliance mode.

Those are the type of macros I'm looking for reference on. If it's
lacking the macros that come in via the header files (i.e. if I
include stdio.h, I will get the stdin, stdout, and stderr macros), I
won't mind  (though I won't object to having reference to some of
those either, they are easy enough to find, as googling
'headerfilename.h' tends to work quite well, whereas googling 'gcc
predefined precompiler macros', or 'gcc predefiend precompiler
constants' does not.).

Thanks for any help.


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