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[Bug bootstrap/7553] install problem on alpha axp with gcc-3.1.1


------- Additional Comments From  2003-06-10 14:53 -------
Subject: Re:  install problem on alpha axp with gcc-3.1.1

   do you think you'll have the chance to try building gcc 3.3? There were
   literally acres of bug reports along the lines you've reported with
   dealing with paths with the wrong quantities of ../ s in them. As of
   3.3, I haven't seen any yet, so I'd definitely like to know whether
   they're fixed or not.

Thanks to a hint from someone, I found that my problem was in how I was
doing the build.  I traditionally build new software using my regular
account and switch to root to do the "make install".  This process has
worked for me for every other package.  However, it breaks for gcc: when I
do the build as myself, /usr/local/bin is towards the front of $path so
"make" runs "gnumake" as required.  However, when I do the "make install"
as root, /usr/local/bin isn't even in the path so it picks up old-fashioned
make that breaks on gcc.

So basically, the errors I was reporting were my mistake and not actual
bugs in the gcc build itself.  However, I do think the documentation might
be tweeked a bit.  The only way I was able to build gcc (and g++) was to
temporarily change the path for root and do both "make bootstrap" and "make
install" as root.  It might be good to suggest that both steps must be done
from the same account.

This should close the following:

    bootstrap/7553: install problem on alpha axp with gcc-3.1.1
    bootstrap/7554: another install-sh problem with installing
    bootstrap/7555: make command too long during install for gcc-3.1.1
    bootstrap/7716: can't compile getpwd.c during build

Thanks for everyone's efforts on a great product!


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