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[Bug libstdc++/11099] wrong values for numeric_limits<double>


------- Additional Comments From  2003-06-06 14:30 -------
Subject: Re:  wrong values for numeric_limits<double>

"" <> writes:


| > | Using the definition,
| > | min_exponent should for instance be -1022 - 52 or -1074 for the double type,
| >                                            ^^^^^
| >
| > Where is that coming from?
| >
| > -- Gaby
| Well, that's actually because a double has 53 bits.

You didn't get the arithmetic and the model right.


| which are the same values as in the numeric_limits case.  Maybe this is
| just not stated correctly in the manual

I can't see in which ways they are not stated correctly in the manual.

| - but then again, the same values
| and the same information are also found in Microsoft's Visual Studio
| documentation.  So, what should it be?
| One small question to end my e-mail: where can I find a complete reference
| for the libstdc++ standard library?

The C++ standard is the normative reference.  You might also want to
consult LIA-1 and the C standard.

-- Gaby

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