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[Bug c++/11091] Wrong code in variable initialization


------- Additional Comments From  2003-06-06 00:00 -------
Subject: Re:  Wrong code in variable initialization

On Thu, Jun 05, 2003 at 01:58:16PM -0000, wrote:
> ------- Additional Comments From  2003-06-05 13:58 -------
> Upon further experimentation, I agree with Christian's statements. I
> have attached a simple demo case illustrating the different codes.  I
> no longer have the original code that led me to discover this
> optimization, but I will keep my eyes peeled for future occurrences. 
> However, this reveals a bug either in GCC or GDB: GDB was not aware
> that my object instance was silently optimized into a reference.  (I
> take it this happens only if GCC can determine that obj is the only
> object that will EVER be returned from the method.) Is this a case of
> GCC not emitting debug info that describes obj as a reference, or is
> this a case of GDB not picking up on something that was there?  I am
> using GDB 5.3.

Probably the latter.  Please try a GDB CVS snapshot; if that still
doesn't work please send a testcase to the GDB list.  I think it may be

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