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Re: [RFC] PR61300 K&R incoming args

On 05/31/2014 08:56 AM, Alan Modra wrote:

It's fine to change ABI when compiling an old-style function
definition for which a prototype exists (relative to the
non-prototype case).  It happens on i386, too.

That might be so, but when compiling the function body you must assume
the worst case, whatever that might be, at the call site.  For K&R
code, our error was to assume the call was unprototyped (which
paradoxically is the best case) when compiling the function body.

Is this really a supported use case? I think I remember tracking down a bug which was related to a lack of float -> double promotion because the call was prototyped, and the old-style function definition wasn't. This would have been on, ugh, SPARC. I think this happened only in certain cases (float arguments, probably).

Does this trigger more often on ppc64 ELFv2, to the extend it becomes a quality-of-implementation issue? I'm pretty sure the standards do not require a particular behavior in such cases.

Florian Weimer / Red Hat Product Security Team

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