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[fortran, committed] IEEE modules added to gfortran and libgfortran

[GSoC] commutative patterns

[GSoC] decision tree first steps

[GSoC] generation of GCC expression trees from isl ast expressions

Re: [GSoC] How to get started with the isl code generation

[GSoC] question about regular expressions

[GSoC] Question about unit tests

[GSoC] Status - 20140616

[PATCH] gcc/dwarf2asm.c: Add static_output_delta() with var_list for dw2_asm_output_delta()

[PATCH] tell gcc optimizer to never introduce new data races

[RFC] Fortran: How to handle allocatable polymorphic components with OpenMPv5/OpenACCv3

Re: [RFC] PR61300 K&R incoming args

Re: [RFC]Better support for big-endian targets in GCC vectorizer

__attribute__((aligned())) address of (&) arithmetic

ACM SIGPLAN Programming Languages Software Award


assigning hard regs to pseudo regs

Attributes for var_decl and fun_decl.

Best way to compute cost of a sequence of gimple stmt

broken links?

C++ interop issue due to non-null pointers

C++ name mangling not tracking extern "C"-ness of function types?

clang 3.4.1 (and 3.3) compilation failed with gcc 4.7.4

combine_simplify_rtx (doesn't) commute XOR and ASHIFTRT ???

Comparison of GCC-4.9 and LLVM-3.4 performance on SPECInt2000 for x86-64 and ARM

Cross-compiler GCC 4.8.3 for AArch64 port (aarch64-linux-gnu) - successfully built and installed

Cross-testing libsanitizer

Debugging var-tracking problem

FloatingPointMath and transformations

Folding a bitfield in a union

Forward declaration style

GCC 4.7 branch is now closed

GCC 4.7.4 Release Candidate available from gcc.gnu.org

GCC 4.7.4 Released

GCC 4.7.4 Status Report, branch frozen for release (candidate)

Gcc plugin for modification of source code ?

gcc-4.10-20140601 is now available

gcc-4.10-20140608 is now available

gcc-4.10-20140615 is now available

gcc-4.10-20140622 is now available

gcc-4.10-20140629 is now available

gcc-4.7-20140607 is now available

gcc-4.8-20140605 is now available

gcc-4.8-20140612 is now available

gcc-4.8-20140619 is now available

gcc-4.8-20140626 is now available

gcc-4.9-20140604 is now available

gcc-4.9-20140611 is now available

gcc-4.9-20140618 is now available

gcc-4.9-20140625 is now available

gfortran option -fno-automatic and -finit-local-zero

Gimplilfy ICE in gnat.dg/array18.adb

RE: gnat.dg test: div_no_warning.adb

gnat_rm.texi and makeinfo 5.1

GNU Tools Cauldron 2014 - Presentation abstracts

GNU Tools Cauldron 2014 - Presentation schedule

Help understand the may_be_zero field in loop niter information

Re: How can I generate a new function at compile time?

How can I get started as a GCC developer

How to duplicate a loop including basic_blocks and edges?

i386.md missing a mode

ICE with atomic_store

implicit gnat_malloc seen as vararg function

Issue with attribute ((aligned)) ?

Issue with sub-object __builtin_object_size

Just one suggestion

lib{atomic, itm}/configure.tgt uses -mcpu=v9 as default for sparc

LTO and version scripts

Mirroring GCC

Re: Offload Library

Re: PowerPC IEEE 128-bit floating point: Internal GCC types

Re: PowerPC IEEE 128-bit floating point: Language standards

Re: PowerPC IEEE 128-bit floating point: Two 128-bit floating point types

question about -ffast-math implementation

Question about GCC's standard dependent optimization

Question about LRA in aarch64_be-none-elf

Reducing Register Pressure based on Instruction Scheduling and Register Allocator!!

Regarding concrete inlined and out-of-line inlined instances

Register Pressure guided Unroll and Jam in GCC !!

regs_used estimation in IVOPTS seriously flawed

Repost of Gcc plugin for modification of source code ?

Re: RFA: [VAX] SUBREG of MEM with a mode dependent address

RFC: New map kind for GOMP_target{,_data}

RFH: DWARF representation of mixed-mode registers

RTL representation of i386 shrdl instruction is incorrect?

Should we be updating copyright years on branches?

Re: Stamping Inquiry/Land Rover/Changdong Co., Ltd.

stdatomic.h and atomic_load_explicit()

Top-level configury

Using cgraph_add_new_function at an arbitrary point

vector load Rematerialization!!

Re: Weird startup issue with -fsplit-stack

What is "fnspec function type attribute"?

Re: Write test case for libstdc++ with C source

Re: Zero/Sign extension elimination using value ranges

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