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Re: adjust_stack variants?

> I'm working with inserting some additional instructions into the RTL
> stream and was wondering about the adjust_stack function. It would be
> really nice if there was an adjust_stack_after variant like the
> emit_*_insn_after variety. I'm having to go back and insert a function
> call into the RTL and need to adjust the stack after making that function 

Inserting call into already generated RTL is dificult, if not
impossible.  The function calling code is keeping a lot of information
about the context - what parts of outgoing argument area are occupied or
what is the current (miss) alignemnt of stack.  This won't work once the
RTL generation has moved from the call site.

What exactly do you need the function for?
> call. It looks like the internals of the emit_insn_After are completely
> different from the adjust_stack function. Before I go off and start
> writing my own, can anybody tell me if there is already a way to do this? 
> --
> Brett Boren
> ECE Graduate Research Assistant
> University of Alabama in Huntsville

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