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Re: QMTest and the G++ testsuite

On May 22, 2002, Mark Mitchell <> wrote:

> In QMTest, there's a bit more structure; there are objects call "tests"
> and the system calls their "run" methods to run them.

What if the test consists of a number of steps.  In GDB, a larger of
features are tested using a single program, built out of a single
source file.  This is particularly important because uploading a
program to a board is very often extremely slow, so you don't want to
artificially increase the number of programs you have to upload.
OTOH, you want separate results for each of the features tested in the
testcase.  How can you do this with QMTest?

> In the reduction-to-absurdity case QMTest test cases can invoke
> DejaGNU and report the results.

But IIUC the final result will be a single PASS or FAIL, which is not
all that useful.

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