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[RFC PATCH, i386]: PR 36793: x86-64 does not get __sync_synchronize right


This patch just wires "memory_barrier" named pattern to mfence insn.

2008-11-22 Uros Bizjak <>

   PR target/36793
   * config/i386/ (memory_barrier): New expander.

Patch was bootstrapped and regression tested on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu {,-m32}.

I will wait a day or two before for possible comments on this patch.

BTW: "lock nop" as suggested in PR for !TARGET_SSE2 case generates invalid insn exception.


---    (revision 142123)
+++    (working copy)
@@ -31,6 +31,15 @@
(define_mode_attr doublemodesuffix [(DI "8") (TI "16")])
(define_mode_attr DCASHMODE [(DI "SI") (TI "DI")])

+(define_expand "memory_barrier"
+  [(set (match_dup 0)
+    (unspec:BLK [(match_dup 0)] UNSPEC_MFENCE))]
+  operands[0] = gen_rtx_MEM (BLKmode, gen_rtx_SCRATCH (Pmode));
+  MEM_VOLATILE_P (operands[0]) = 1;
;; ??? It would be possible to use cmpxchg8b on pentium for DImode
;; changes.  It's complicated because the insn uses ecx:ebx as the
;; new value; note that the registers are reversed from the order

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