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[PATCH] Fix PR java/15576, class initialization optimization disable

This patch cleans up a little the class initialization and fixes
it so that it works with the tree-ssa/gimplifier.  What needed
to be done was to add a DECL_EXPR for the decl so that the
initializer was expanded and also we needed to ignore DECL_EXPR
in check_init as nobody else in the java front-end uses it and
the variable was only a scaler type with a constant initializer.

I also think this optimization can now be turned on for class file
to native compiling as we now do it function at a time compiling for
them (I think we don't do unit-at-a-time yet though) but that is for
another patch.

Built on powerpc-darwin.  I am in the middle of testing it. OK if
everthing passes?

Andrew Pinski

	* check-init.c (check_init): Ignore DECL_EXPR.
	* expr.c (always_initialize_class_p): Reenable.
	(build_class_init): Use a variable to store the decl.  Also use
	boolean_false_node instead of integer_zero_node.
	* parse.y (attach_init_test_initialization_flags): Add a decl_expr
	to the block.


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