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 * OpenMP v3.1, when released ("The OpenMP ARB has [[ftp://ftp.nag.co.uk/sc22wg5/N1801-N1850/N1817.txt|started]] developing OpenMP 3.1, which was scheduled to be released for public review at [[http://www.ccs.tsukuba.ac.jp/workshop/IWOMP2010/|IWOMP, the International Workshop for OpenMP]], in June 2010. This update will include clarifications, and several extensions.")<br>The release of a public draft has been delayed and is now planed to be now available before [[http://sc10.supercomputing.org/|Supercomputing 2010]] (= before mid of November).<br>For the new features, see also the [[http://www.springerlink.com/content/978-3-642-13216-2|OWOMP 2010 proceedings]] and a [[http://www-949.ibm.com/software/rational/cafe/blogs/ccpp-parallel-multicore/2010/06/21/the-view-from-iwomp-2010-trip-report|blog entry]], and the [[http://www.ccs.tsukuba.ac.jp/workshop/IWOMP2010/slides/de_Supinski-IWOMP10_State_of_LC.pdf|Status of OpenMP 3.1 and 4.0]] slides (OWOMP 2010 [[http://www.ccs.tsukuba.ac.jp/workshop/IWOMP2010/program.html|slides]] and [[http://www.ccs.tsukuba.ac.jp/workshop/IWOMP2010/tutorial.html|tutorials]]). Especially, user-defined reductions (a major item), affinity, atomics extensions (support capture/write), and task scheduling items (`taskyield` construct, `final` clause) are to be expected.  * OpenMP v3.1 -- [[http://openmp.org/wp/2011/02/31-draft-specs-ready-for-public-comment/|draft spec available (since February 5, 2011)]]
 * OpenMP 4.0 -- when available. Cf. slides at the [[http://www.ccs.tsukuba.ac.jp/workshop/IWOMP2010/|IWOMP, the International Workshop for OpenMP]] ([[http://www.ccs.tsukuba.ac.jp/workshop/IWOMP2010/program.html|slides]] and [[http://www.ccs.tsukuba.ac.jp/workshop/IWOMP2010/tutorial.html|tutorials]]) in June 2010 and the [[http://www.springerlink.com/content/978-3-642-13216-2|OWOMP 2010 proceedings]]. There is also a [[http://www-949.ibm.com/software/rational/cafe/blogs/ccpp-parallel-multicore/2010/06/21/the-view-from-iwomp-2010-trip-report|blog entry]].


This page contains information on GCC's implementation of the OpenMP standard and related functionality like the auto parallelizer (-ftree-parallelize-loops).

As of GCC 4.2, the compiler implements version 2.5 of the OpenMP standard and as of 4.4 it implements version 3.0 of the OpenMP standard.

OpenMP Documentation

Automatic Parallelization


  • Streamization


Feel free to add new items to this list as you run into issues or features that would be interesting to add. Send mail to the list and/or the GCC OpenMP maintainers if any item in this list sounds interesting but is hard to understand.

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