GNU Tools @ LPC 2020

We are unable to hold GNU Tools Cauldron in 2020, due to the current COVID-19 situation. However our friends at the Linux Plumbers Conference have generously offered to hold a GNU Tools track as part of their virtual meeting 24-28 August 2020.

Slides and Videos

Slides and videos will be made available through the official LPC website after the conference.

Mailing lists

  1. Abstract submissions, registration, administrivia questions:

  2. Announcements and discussions related to the conference:

Track description

The purpose of this virtual meeting is to gather all GNU tools developers, discuss current/future work, coordinate efforts, exchange reports on ongoing efforts, discuss development plans for the next 12 months, developer tutorials and any other related discussions.

The format of the meeting will be different to accommodate its virtual nature, talks and discussions will be shorter to allow us to fit in as many speakers/discussions as possible. However we may not be able to include every proposal.

We are inviting every developer working in the GNU toolchain: GCC, GDB, binutils, runtimes, etc. In particular this is an opportunity for participation by members of the community who are not able to travel to our regular GNU Tools Cauldron. We will need talk abstracts to be submitted well in advance, so we can incorporate them within the LPC program.


If you intend to participate (whether or not you are presenting) you will need to also register for LPC, which costs $50. This helps to cover the administrative costs of the conference and will ensure the BigBlueButton platform does not become overloaded.

The GNU Tools Fund is willing to consider applications for support towards the cost if you are a student, or unpaid community volunteer. Please send a request to The deadline to submit a request is 31 July 2020.

Submitting talks/!BoFs/tutorials

If you have a topic that you would like to present, please submit an abstract to describing what you plan to present. We are accepting four types of submissions:

Note. We shall not be doing in-depth reviews of the presentations. Mainly we are looking for applicability and to decide scheduling. We are aware that there is less time available this year (20 hours in 1 track, rather than 48 hours in 3 tracks). If we are oversubscribed, we shall attempt to merge talks, convert talks to lightning talks. Ultimately we shall give priority to the first talks registered.

Your submission should contain the following information:

If your talk is accepted, you will need to register for the conference. By submitting a talk/!BoF/tutorial, you agree that your name, affiliation and abstract may appear on the LPC website, and that you may be videoed during your talk, with those videos being made public after the conference.

Code of Conduct

All participants are required to abide by the conference Code of Conduct.

GDPR compliance

The personal information we hold on you is your name, email address and affiliation. This information will only be used to contact you about the arrangements for the GNU Tools track at LPC 2020, including a follow-up questionnaire after the event. The data is held securely on outsourced secure servers, including as messages within a Google Group where the data is encrypted. The data is only accessible by the organisers of the GNU Tools Track and LPC 2020. All the data will be destroyed shortly after the GNU Tools Cauldron, once the follow-up questionnaire has been sent out.

Please contact the Data Officer if you would like to know the information we hold on you, wish to have that information deleted, or for any other queries related to GDPR.

Schedule and talk abstracts

The schedule and talk abstracts will appear on the LPC conference pages shortly after the deadline for submissions.