The cilkplus-merge project is aimed at merging the cilkplus branch into mainline, targeting GCC 4.9. Cilk Plus is an extension to the C and C++ programming languages, designed for multithreaded parallel computing. For more information on Cilk Plus see:

  1. Cilk Plus Wikipedia entry

  2. Intel's Cilk Plus Tutorial

  3. Cilk Plus specifications and other materials

This project is named cilkplus-merge instead of cilkplus to differentiate it from the ongoing development of cilkplus in the cilkplus SVN branch. The cilkplus-merge branch will be used as a staging area for patchsets that are being submitted for review and inclusion into GCC 4.9. Only code that is being contributed to the community for review will reside in the cilkplus-merge branch.

The goal is to move things into the cilkplus-merge branch in independently reviewable and testable chunks. We will be picking relevant bits from the cilkplus branch as we see fit.

Code Repository

This project is being maintained as a git only branch in GCC. For more details on using git with the gcc repository see here. The branch resides in origin/cilkplus-merge.

The branch is maintained by Balaji V. Iyer < > and Aldy Hernandez < >. The usual rules for contributing to branches apply to this branch, as well as:

  1. Messages and patches to the lists should have their subject prefixed with [cilkplus-merge].

  2. ChangeLog entries should be written to ChangeLog.cilkplus-merge.

TODO: in order of expected completion


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