Modulo Scheduling Related Tasks

This page is a TODO list for tasks related to the GCC Swing Modulo Scheduling (SMS). For each task I list the person who proposed the task (and who should be contacted in case you want to start working on it), and a short description of the project. Can also see the paper in the 2004 GCC Summit proceedings.

In progress:

The prototype patch was implemented by Dmitry Zhurikhin and Valery Ignatiev, updated for mainline by Alexander Monakov. The preliminary patch sent to as an RFC can be found at

Also, we at ISP RAS expect that more improvements to SMS will come as a result of testing the propagation patch together with SMS under Intel contract. One such example is

There is also a patch by Vladimir Yanovsky, relative to kill-loop branch, to propagate an indication on whether the loop contains an inter-loop dependence, or has no inter-loop dependences at all (a bit in the basic-block structure). This may benefit from the PreservingLoops project.


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