Procedure Pointers for gfortran

Google Summer of Code 2009 project

Student: Janus Weil

Mentor: Tobias Burnus

This page will be used to collect some useful information about this project, and to document my progress.


GSoC 2007: PROCEDURE statements


Abstract Interfaces, committed to 4.3 trunk as r127612 on 2007-08-18, plus a bugfix (r127718) on 2007-08-22.

Procedure Declarations, committed to 4.3 trunk as r128081 on 2007-09-04.

Update on Procedure Declarations, committed to 4.4 trunk as r134867 on 2008-05-01.

fixed in 4.3: PR33162 PR33917 PR33945

fixed in 4.4: PR35830 PR36114 PR36322 PR36325 PR36361 PR36426 PR36459 PR36463 PR38289

fixed in 4.5: PR37254 PR39414 PR39946 PR40591

fixed in 4.6: PR47352

fixed in 4.7: PR50659

fixed in 4.8: PR42418 PR53956 PR54107

fixed in 4.9: PR35831

GSoC 2008: Procedure Pointers


Procedure Pointers, first patch, committed to 4.4 trunk as r137386 on 2008-07-02.

Preparation for Procedure Pointer Components, committed to 4.4 trunk as r139524 on 2008-08-23.

fixed in 4.4: PR32580 PR36592 PR36705 PR37253 PR38152 PR38415

fixed in 4.5: PR36704 PR38290 PR39692 PR39735 PR39997 PR39998 PR40176 PR40450 PR40451 PR40541 PR40593 PR42072

fixed in 4.6: PR44718 PR45366 PR46067

fixed in 4.7: PR41733 PR49400

fixed in 4.8: PR51081 PR52585 PR52909 PR54387

fixed in 4.9: PR46271 PR49397 PR54949 PR56814 PR56968 PR58099

fixed in 7.x: PR52832


GSoC 2009: Procedure Pointer Components and beyond


Procedure Pointers Components, NOPASS only, committed to 4.5 trunk as r147206 on 2009-05-06.

Procedure Pointers Components with PASS, committed to 4.5 trunk as r150078 on 2009-07-25.

fixed in 4.5: PR39630 PR40164 PR40427 PR40646 PR40869 PR40870 PR40882 PR41022 PR41106 PR41139 PR41242 PR41978 PR42045 PR42104

fixed in 4.6: PR43227 PR46060 PR46201 PR46662 PR46841 PR47224 PR47240 PR47768

fixed in 4.8: PR51082 PR54147 PR54285 PR54286 PR54603

fixed in 5.0: PR45290 PR58023 PR63674 PR63727 PR64508


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