The scripts (sbox-scripts.tar) on this page are useful when testing the effects of a patch on compile time and memory consumption in the compiler. The scripts have evolved over a long period of time and have that home-grown undocumented taste. However, they are very short and simple to understand. They merely mechanize the chore of throwing millions of lines of code into GCC and see how it behaves before and after a specific change.

The basic idea is that you will have a before compiler and an after compiler. The only difference between the two should be the specific patch that you are testing. The scripts assume the presence of several code bases in pre-processed form:

The main scripts you will need are:

There are various other scripts to do specific counts or paw through dump files. They are pretty self-explanatory and short. Also, there is a gfortran.par configuration file for using with Polyhedron 2005.

For checking memory usage of processes the following two scripts also turned out useful: and They are based on parsing strace output (of mmap* and brk syscalls) instead of polling memory usage via the /proc file system (or equivalent). You would use it as gcc -c foo.c.

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