GCC Improvement Projects

This page lists projects related to the re-organization of the code base in accordance with GCC's Architectural Goals. Everyone with wiki access is welcome to add new projects to this page.

Please observe the following conventions:


Transition to C++

New template-based API for vectors

Unification of debugging dumps

Simplify GIMPLE generation

Alternatives to GC

Make GCC more modular

Front Ends

Make "convert" a langhook

Move FE optimizations to middle-end

(C++FE) Make access-specifier an enumeration

(C++FE) Compact tree structures

Middle End

Gimple Front End

Middle End Array Expressions

Make C undefined overflow semantics explicit in the IL


Compress DECL flags

Tuplify gimple operands: types and decls

Replace ad-hoc flexible arrays with VEC()

Stop abusing GCC_VERSION

Make initial GIMPLE independent of any -f, -m and -O options

Back End

general backend cleanup

Gimple Back End

OpenMP Support

Integer overflow and saturation

Profiling options

Build System

Top Level Libgcc Migration

Automatic Makefile dependency generation

Toplevel configuration and build system

Macros describing where code in GCC is built


Run vectorizer tests multiple times

Canonicalize test case names

Implement a unit test framework

Development Tools

Scripts for testing compile time and memory consumption

Patch Tracking


Internal documentation

Compile Time

Speedup areas

Proper GCC Memory Management


Beginner Projects

Finalize Partial Transitions

Bugzilla Stats

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