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   * Parma Polyhedral Library.                          (Roberto Bagnara) (40mn)    * Parma Polyhedra Library Developments and Graphite. (Roberto Bagnara) (40mn)

Graphite Workshop

A Graphite Workshop is organized on AMD's campus in Austin on November 16 and 17, 2008.

Day 1: Nov 16

  • Tentative schedule:
    • 9am breakfast
      • Introduction (1h)
      • Polyhedral Compilation Package (PCP) (1h)
    • 12pm lunch
      • Front-end (2h)
    • 3pm break
      • Front-end (continued) (3h)
    • 6pm end

Day 2: Nov 17

  • Tentative schedule:
    • 9am breakfast
      • Middle-end (3h)
    • 12pm lunch
      • Middle-end (continued) (2h)
    • 3pm break
      • Testing and Performance Evaluation (1h)
      • Community Interaction (1h)
    • 5pm end


  • Introduction: Led by Sebastian Pop, Albert Cohen. (1h)
    • History and current status of Graphite (tools, representations,
      • SCoP formation algorithm, gloog pretty-printer, analyses, transformations, limitations).
  • Polyhedral Compilation Package (PCP): (1h) (Jan Sjodin)
  • Front-end, static analysis and conversion to polyhedral representation. (5h)
    • SCoP formation vs. code generation. (Tobias Grosser) (20min)
    • Data dependence and reaching definition analysis (Sebastian Pop)
      • Instance-wise dependences and reaching definitions. (Albert Cohen) (10min)
      • Fuzzy analysis. (Albert Cohen) (20min)
      • Interprocedural array region analysis (w/ or w/o LTO). (Honza Hubicka) (20min)
    • Polyhedral representations: Led by Albert Cohen, Roberto Bagnara, Sven Verdoolaege
      • Integration with PIPlib and Omega Test. (Cedric Bastoul, Sebastian Pop, Sven Verdoolaege) (20min)
      • Parma Polyhedra Library Developments and Graphite. (Roberto Bagnara) (40mn)
      • An Integer Set Library for CLooG. (Sven Verdoolaege) (20min)
      • Improvements: sorting, simplification in context, caching, relaxation. (Albert Cohen) (20min)
    • Interaction with the array middle-end. (Richard Guenther) (20min)
    • Support for reductions. (Albert Cohen) (20min)
    • Direct support for irregular control flow. (Cedric Bastoul) (20min)
  • Middle-end: how to add time, space and machine descriptions (5h)
    • Performance Modeling and Heuristics: Harsha Jagasia, Dwarak Rajagopal.
      • Machine descriptions, cache and locality models. (Harsha Jagasia) (20 min)
      • Computing a schedule. (Harsha Jagasia, Sebastian Pop) (20 min)
      • Parametric tiling support. (Sanjay Radjopadhye, Cedric Bastoul, Albert Cohen) (20 min)
      • Direct search in Farkas coefficient spaces. (Albert Cohen, Cedric Bastoul) (20 min)
    • Array expansion and contraction. (Richard Guenther) (20 min)
    • Unrolling support. (Cedric Bastoul) (20 min)
    • Modulo guard elimination support. (Tobias Grosser) (20 min)
    • Automatic parallelization: Albert Cohen, Jan Hubicka, Sebastian Pop.
      • Loop parallelization with interprocedural analysis. (Honza Hubicka, Richard Guenther) (20 min)
      • Loop selection (with interchange and distribution). (Sebastian Pop) (20 min)
      • Streamization (post/wait synchronizations). (Sebastian Pop) (20 min)
      • Automatic extraction of functional parallelism. (Albert Cohen, Sebastian Pop) (20 min)
    • Vectorization and parallelization (more discussions):
      • Interaction with vectorization. (group discussion) (20 min)
      • Interaction with parallelization. (group discussion) (20 min)
  • Testing and Performance Evaluation: (1h) (Sebastian Pop, Dwarak Rajagopal)
    • Reproducibility challenges, regression testing, algorithmic complexity:
    • GCC testsuite
    • PCP testsuite
    • Cloog testsuite
    • Polyhedral operations testsuite
  • Community Interaction (1h)
    • Other compilers
    • Work sharing/splitting, responsibilities.
    • Publication policy.
    • Integration of external polyhedral tools (at the level of the polyhedral representation).


If you think you can attend the workshop, please add your name to the list.

  • Roberto Bagnara, University of Parma
  • Cedric Bastoul, INRIA
  • Andrey Belevantsev, Institute for System Programming of RAS
  • Albert Cohen, INRIA
  • Tobias Grosser, Student Uni Passau
  • Richard Guenther, SuSE
  • Gautam Gupta, COREquations
  • Christophe Harle, AMD
  • Jan Hubicka (Honza), SuSE
  • Harsha Jagasia, AMD
  • Michael Lai, AMD
  • Sebastian Pop, AMD
  • Dwarakanath Rajagopal, AMD
  • J. (Ram) Ramanujam, Louisiana State University
  • Sanjay Rajopadhye, Colorado State University
  • Jan Sjodin, AMD
  • Sven Verdoolaege, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

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