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 * Roberto Bagnara, University of Parma

Graphite Workshop

A Graphite Workshop is organized on AMD's campus in Austin on November 16 and 17, 2008.


  • Short term
    • PPL
      • Migration of dependence analysis to PPL.
      • Better integration of PIPLib and Omega Test with PPL.
      • Improve PPL's support for code generation and analysis algorithms (sorting, simplification in context, integers, complexity, improvements, caching).
    • CLooG
      • Backend improvements: unrolling, modulo removal.
      • Algorithmic improvements: parametric tiling.
    • Integration with the array middle end.
    • Minimal but correct handling of function calls in SCoPs.
    • Fuzzy (yet conservative) dependence and array data-flow analysis.
    • Integrate with and extend vectorizer cost model.
    • Cache and locality models.
    • More tolerant SCoP formation (boolean expressions, if-conversion, modulo and division).
    • Support for reductions in the dependence analysis (and parallel code generation).
    • Test suite.
    • Regression testing.
    • Robustness (including algorithmic complexity issues).
  • Long term
    • Interprocedural array region analysis (w/ or w/o LTO).
    • Irregular control-flow.
    • Shared-memory multi-processing performance models (NUMA, heterogeneous).
    • Array expansion (privatization, renaming).
    • Array contraction (a.k.a. storage mapping optimization).
  • Besides technical topics, there are a bunch of things to talk about:
    • organization,
    • split of the work and responsibilities,
    • publication policy,
    • integration of external polyhedral tools (at the polyhedral representation level).


If you think you can attend the workshop, please add your name to the list.

  • Roberto Bagnara, University of Parma
  • Cedric Bastoul, INRIA
  • Andrey Belevantsev, Institute for System Programming of RAS
  • Albert Cohen, INRIA
  • Richard Guenther, SuSE
  • Tobias Grosser, Student Uni Passau
  • Christophe Harle, AMD
  • Jan Hubicka (Honza), SuSE
  • Harsha Jagasia, AMD
  • Sebastian Pop, AMD
  • Dwarakanath Rajagopal, AMD
  • Sanjay Rajopadhye, Colorado State University
  • Jan Sjodin, AMD
  • Gautam Gupta, COREquations
  • Uday Bondhugula

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