Graphite: Gimple Represented as Polyhedra

Graphite is a framework for high-level memory optimizations using the polyhedral model.

Graphite branch has been merged in August 2008 into trunk. Information about future graphite plans can be seen here: Graphite-4.8 and at For the branch merge into the GCC 4.8 trunk, see also


Mailing List

Please keep as much discussion as possible on the mailing lists to help new developers. We do not want to keep useful information hidden in private mail boxes.

Weekly phone calls

We have weekly phone meetings every Wednesday at 9am Austin, 10 am NY, 4pm Paris, 5pm Haifa. Everybody is invited. Just write a mail to get number and access code.

Notes and audio recordings of the phone calls available. (Audio recordings since 01.07.2009)

Architecture of Graphite

TODO list

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