Moving to Git

At the 2019 GNU Tools Cauldron we agreed that GCC should move to Git. The underlying feeling was that we've waited long enough (too long for many).

This page attempts to capture the schedule and the things that need addressing as part of that change. At this time the dates are subject to change


For logistical reasons, it may be necessary to slip the read-only date by a few days; but it will only be a few days.

What's Changing?

The master repository for GCC will move to Git. All other processes and policies will remain unchanged at this time unless it forms a critical aspect of converting. In particular the patch review process and the policy for writing ChangeLog entries will not change at this time (these may be reviewed at a later date).

Selecting the conversion

We currently have three candidate conversions of the SVN repository to GIT:

Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Existing Git mirror;a=summary (see GitMirror)



Maxim's conversion scripts






Selection criteria

We will pick the best conversion available at the selection deadline, based on the following criteria:

A conversion candidate will be eliminated unconditionally if the HEAD revision of any critical branch (trunk, release branch or live development branch) does not match the head revision of the SVN copy of the branch

Auxiliary tasks

A number of additional tasks will need to be done before we can transition

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