GCC Patch Queue

[http://www.dberlin.org/ Daniel Berlin] has set up a simple [http://www.dberlin.org/patches patch queue for tracking patches].

This document should follow the [http://www.dberlin.org/patchdirections.html instructions given by Daniel].

The tracker is quite simple for now, and just lists the patches along with a submit date and archive url, and color codes the dates by how long they have been outstanding.

More may come later (pinging, whatever) :)

Adding Patches

If you want a patch tracked, please have a line in your email to [http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-patches/ gcc-patches] that consists of solely

:ADDPATCH <maintenance area>:

It ignores other lines, so you can put this at the top, the middle, or wherever. It just has to be somewhere in the email on a line by itself. For example:

This is patch blah blah blah




This is patch blah blah blah


but the following will not work

This is patch blah blah blah :ADDPATCH SSA:


It should show up in the patch tracker soon afterwards.

You can also add a patch to the tracker manually using the add link at the bottom of the tracker. Patches added manually must be removed manually too

Reviewing Patches

If you review a patch by replying from your mailer, simply reply to the email that had the ADDPATCH line in it, and include a line:


It will figure out which patch you were reviewing (by the in-reply-to column) and remove it from the queue list.

If you are replying to something out of the archives, please put

:REVIEWURL <mailing list archive url>:

If you are just randomly reviewing patches you found on the tracker, and are too lazy to post the url, simply include:

:REVIEWID <patch id>:

and it will mark the patch as reviewed.

You can also manually remove patches through the remove link. I may disable this feature if it is abused (or restrict it's access).