[PATCH] Implement P0966 std::string::reserve should not shrink

Jonathan Wakely jwakely@redhat.com
Fri Aug 7 14:17:34 GMT 2020

On 07/08/20 14:48 +0100, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
>On 07/08/20 14:02 +0200, Rainer Orth wrote:
>>Hi Jonathan,
>>>>Here's the combined patch, based on your original with my proposed
>>>>simplifications applied.
>>>I've now pushed that combined patch to master.
>>>Sorry it took so long to integrate your changes, but thanks very much
>>>for the contribution to GCC!
>>it seems this patch caused
>>+FAIL: libstdc++-abi/abi_check
>>for 32-bit targets/multilibs.  I'm seeing it on both i386-pc-solaris2.11
>>and x86_64-pc-linux-gnu (32-bit only).
>># of added symbols:              10
>># of missing symbols:            8
>># of undesignated symbols:       0
>># of incompatible symbols:       8
>I probably need to fix the wildcards in the linker script. I'll take
>a look now.

I see the problem.

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