[PATCH] PR target/85904: Fix configure when cross compiling for netbsd

Jonathan Wakely jwakely@redhat.com
Thu May 24 17:31:00 GMT 2018

On 24/05/18 16:14 +0100, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
>On 24/05/18 13:14 +0000, coypu@sdf.org wrote:
>>In the past I was asked to post bugzilla patches here. I am doing this.
>>It fixes a build failure.
>>PR target/85904
>>libstdc++-v3/crossconfig.m4: test for aligned_alloc on netbsd
>>libstdc++-v3/configure: Regenerate
>>Attached is patch.
>Thanks for the patch. We made a similar fix for FreeBSD recently, so
>I'll commit this for you.

For consistency with freebsd and mingw what I committed to trunk has
the AC_CHECK_FUNCS at the end of the netbsd section. Could you check
it still works please? (I'm unable to build a netbsd cross-compiler
for some reason).

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