[libstdc++-v3] Add configure check for S_ISSOCK

Jonathan Wakely jwakely@redhat.com
Tue Nov 7 19:08:00 GMT 2017

On 07/11/17 21:00 +0200, Andris Pavenis wrote:
>On 11/07/2017 08:28 PM, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
>>On 07/11/17 19:26 +0200, Andris Pavenis wrote:
>>>src/filesystem/ops-common.c uses S_ISSOCK unconditionally without checking that it is available
>>>As result compile fails for DJGPP when S_ISREG is available but 
>>>S_ISSOCK is not. Included patch add configure check for S_ISSOCK
>>>ChangeLog entry:
>>>2017-11-07  Andris Pavenis<andris.pavenis.iki.fi>
>>>    * acinclude.m4 (GLIBCXX_CHECK_S_ISSOCK): Define
>>>    * configure.ac: Check presence of S_ISSOCK
>>>    * src/filesystem/ops-common.h: Only use S_ISSOCK if defined for target
>>>    * config.h.in: Regenerate
>>>    * configure: Regenerate
>>Do we need an autoconf check?
>I just followed the same style as with S_ISREG/S_IFREG...

But those checks are there for config/io/basic_file_stdio.cc which has
more complicated needs (although it could still be done with simple
#ifdef checks).

>Simple #ifdef S_ISSOCK is sufficient in this case.

Committed to trunk.

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