Fix Debug insert_return_type

Jonathan Wakely
Mon Dec 18 17:57:00 GMT 2017

On 15 December 2017 at 21:19, François Dumont wrote:
> Here is a patch to fix those failures of the latest report:
> UNRESOLVED: 23_containers/map/modifiers/ compilation failed to
> produce executable
> FAIL: 23_containers/set/modifiers/ (test for excess errors)
> UNRESOLVED: 23_containers/set/modifiers/ compilation failed to
> produce executable
> FAIL: 23_containers/unordered_map/modifiers/ (test for excess
> errors)
> UNRESOLVED: 23_containers/unordered_map/modifiers/ compilation
> failed to produce executable
> FAIL: 23_containers/unordered_set/modifiers/ (test for excess
> errors)
> UNRESOLVED: 23_containers/unordered_set/modifiers/ compilation
> failed to produce executable
> Tested under Linux x86_64 Debug mode.
> Ok to commit ?

OK, thanks for fixing it.

> Note that I don't understand this in _Rb_tree:
>       using insert_return_type = _Node_insert_return<
>         conditional_t<is_same_v<_Key, _Val>, const_iterator, iterator>,
>         node_type>;
> Why the conditional_t part ? In Debug mode it is always using iterator and I
> don't understand what represent this is_same_v<_Key, _Val> condition.

is_same_v<_Keym _Val> is true for sets, false for maps.

The condition means that the type uses _Rb_tree<>::const_iterator for
sets, and _Rb_tree::iterator for maps. IIRC this is necessary because
set::iterator is a typedef for set::const_iterator and that can only
constructed from _Rb_tree<>::const_iterator, not from
_Rb_tree<>::iterator. So for sets the member of _Rb_tree needs to
return a const_iterator.

There is no _Rb_tree::insert_return_type in Debug Mode, so you're
comparing apples and oranges. The iterator in Debug Mode is either
set::iterator (which is the same as set::const_iterator) or
map::iterator, not _Rb_tree::iterator.

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