Review debug message generation

François Dumont
Wed Nov 9 21:37:00 GMT 2016


     Here is a proposal to review how we generate the debug output in 
case of assertion failure. It removes usage of format_word which, as a 
side effect will fix PR 77459. Should I reference this PR in the ChangeLog ?

     I introduced a print_literal function to avoid using strlen on 
them. I know that gcc optimizes calls to strlen on literals but in our 
case we were not directly calling it on the literals.

     Tested under Linux x86_64, ok to commit ?

     * src/c++11/ (format_word): Delete.
     (print_literal): New. Replace call to print_word for literals.


On 08/11/2016 22:35, fdumont at gcc dot wrote:
> --- Comment #8 from François Dumont <fdumont at gcc dot> ---
> Ok, at least it confirms what I thought about builtins. So the problem is
> rather a buggy target.
> Even if so I'll try to find an alternative approach to avoid snprintf usage.

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