[GSoC] __enable_shared_from_this_helper

Jonathan Wakely jwakely@redhat.com
Sun May 3 23:29:00 GMT 2015

On 03/05/15 19:03 -0400, Fan You wrote:
>Follow up questions:
>> > According to my knowledge, __enable_shared_from_this construct a
>> > weak_ptr in order to safely instantiate a new shared_ptr use only this
>> > pointer. So, does __enable_shared_from_this_helper has no effect until
>> > user trying to do something like this?
>> >
>> >> class Test : public ___enable_shared_from_this { };
>> >>
>> >> shared_ptr<Test> (new Test());
>> Correct.
>> It ensures that when an object is owned by a shared_ptr, the weak_ptr
>> member shares ownership with that shared_ptr.
>ctor of __shared_count only pass the same type of pointer into
>> __enable_shared_from_this_helper(_M_refcount, __p, __p);
>but __enable_shared_from_this_helper take two different types of ptr.
>> (__shared_count&, __enable_shared_from_this* ptr1, _Tp1* ptr2)
>Can you give any specific example of using this feature ?

Look at how it's called.

The same pointer is passed to it twice. If the type is derived from
enable_shared_from_this then one pointer implicitly converts to a
pointer-to-base (which allows us to detect that the object is derived
from enable_shared_from_this) and the other pointer is the one that is
set in the weak_ptr (we can't use the first pointer for this because
it's already been converted to the base type).

>int* a = new int(1);
>shared_ptr<int> a1(a);
>shared_ptr<int> a2(a);

This is undefined behaviour.

>When user are trying to do some thing like this, should it throw? I've
>tested on the original
>std::shared_ptr in gcc 4.9.2, it will not throw on type like <int> but
>it do throw on array types.
>However, my currently implementation will throw "double deletion" at runtime.

That's one possible result of undefined behaviour. There is no need to
detect it and handle it though.

>3. Also, we might also need a specialization for
>enable_shared_from_this in order to use
>shared_from_this() with std::experimental::shared_ptr;

Yes, maybe, I haven't thought about how enable_shared_from_this needs
to change.

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