[patch] Use --enable-libstdcxx-time=yes on DragonFly BSD

John Marino gnugcc@marino.st
Fri Mar 13 10:26:00 GMT 2015

On 3/13/2015 11:23, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
> On 13 March 2015 at 08:50, John Marino wrote:
>> Hi Jonathan,
>> Today I build gcc5 and looked at the config.h contained in
>> libstdc++-v3's build directory and none of those variables are enabled.
>> The code that is patched doesn't seem to do anything.  I grepped the
>> entire build directory for "libstdcxx_time" and got no results.
>> I don't have "--enable-libstdcxx-time" set as a configure argument.  So
>> I am thinking somehow this configuration check got skipped completely.
> Hi John,
> The variables cause additional checks to be run in configure, which
> then result in these macros in c++config.h

Okay. I guess I was just looking at the wrong config file then.
Thanks for sorting out that confusion!

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