libstdc++ automake version

Paolo Carlini
Sat May 24 10:15:00 GMT 2014


On 24 maggio 2014 01:28:28 CEST, Jonathan Wakely <> wrote:
>On 23 May 2014 21:32, François Dumont wrote:
>> But now latest 1.11 version is at least 1.11.6, the version Ubuntu is
>> proposing when installing automake1.11 package. And considering all
>> it has on the i guess it is not correct, is it ? Looks
>like I
>> will have to build automake 1.11.1 myself otherwise.
>Yes, I have automake 1.11.1 and autoconf 2.64 at the start of my $PATH.
>Since I usually only need them for GCC I just built them once,
>installed them, set my $PATH, and can mostly forget about them after

Oh well, if we are discussing this kind of practical issue, maybe two notes:
1/ For these packages the build proper is close to nothing, make install just installs a bunch of scripts.
2/ In most Linux distros, probably yours too, the system versions are under /usr/bin whereas the default install path of the two tarballs is /usr/local, thus no risk of clobbering anything. Also, again in most distros, /usr/local is searched *before* /usr/bin, thus no need to fiddle with paths.

All in all, a very safe and straighforward process ;)


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