[libstdc++-v3] PR 59529, 59530, 59531 Was(Re: Implement N3762 string_view: a non-owning reference to a string.)

Ed Smith-Rowland 3dw4rd@verizon.net
Fri Jan 24 13:13:00 GMT 2014

On 01/24/2014 08:06 AM, Peter A. Bigot wrote:
> On 12/23/2013 06:08 AM, Peter A. Bigot wrote:
>> On 12/23/2013 03:54 AM, Paolo Carlini wrote:
>>> If Peter means to contribute more, he definitely needs a Copyright
>>> assignment, and, as we all know, had better starting the process as 
>>> soon
>>> as possible, it may take time.
>> FSF has assignments from me dated 22 April 2012 for GCC, Binutils, 
>> and GDB.  They may be hung up because they were originally submitted 
>> to cover patches for MSP430 target support, but TI won't provide an 
>> acceptable copyright release covering the changes they funded so that 
>> work will never be submitted. Presumably the assignment is still good 
>> for other work like this, though.  I've asked the copyright clerk to 
>> verify that.
> If there's any delay in applying the string_view patches because of 
> this question: FSF executed my assignments for GCC, Binutils, and GDB 
> on 03 January 2014.
> Peter
I just noticed yesterday that I just dropped these on the floor over 
holiday.  Somehow I convinced myself that I had applied them. :o)

I'm going to retest to make sure no leaks are sprung then get them in.


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