experimental testsuite patch

François Dumont frs.dumont@gmail.com
Wed Jan 15 16:56:00 GMT 2014


     Here is a patch to partially fix 2 string_view tests. It looks like 
we can't use 2 dg-options into the same source, one override the over, 
the dg-options directives have been merged into 1. I also update a 
script to make the experimental folder part of the folders to look for 
tests. I don't know if it was intentionally omitted because of the 
experimental aspect of what is tested, if so just tell me I won't apply 
this part.

     Remaining failures in string_view tests in debug mode are all 
coming from this kind of code:

       constexpr const _CharT&
       operator[](size_type __pos) const
     _GLIBCXX_DEBUG_ASSERT(__pos <= this->_M_len);
     return *(this->_M_str + __pos);

     In debug mode the _GLIBCXX_DEBUG_ASSERT is activated and the 
operator cannot be a constexpr anymore.  Maybe Ed can tell what should 
be done, remove the assertion or remove the constexpr (maybe only in 
debug mode ?) ?

2014-01-15  François Dumont <fdumont@gcc.gnu.org>

     * scripts/create_testsuite_files: Add testsuite/experimental in
     the list of folders to introspect for tests.
     * testsuite/experimental/string_view/element_access/wchar_t/2.cc:
     Merge dg-options directives into one.
     * testsuite/experimental/string_view/element_access/char/2.cc:
     Likewise. Remove invalid experimental namespace scope on

Tested under Linux x86_64 normal and debug modes.


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