std::vector move assign patch

Jonathan Wakely
Wed Jan 8 10:14:00 GMT 2014

On 27 December 2013 18:27, François Dumont wrote:
> Hi
>     Here is a patch to fix an issue in normal mode during the move
> assignment. The destination vector allocator instance is moved too during
> the assignment which is wrong.

Thanks for your patience, the normal-mode fix is definitely correct,
and I've finished reviewing the other parts and they look good too.

>     As I discover this problem while working on issues with management of
> safe iterators during move operations this patch also fix those issues in
> the debug mode for the vector container. Fixes for other containers in debug
> mode will come later.

OK, great.

In the new test you have:

+  VERIFY( it == v1.begin() ); // Error, it singular

Please change this to "Error, it is singular"

> 2013-12-27  François Dumont <>
>     * include/bits/stl_vector.h (std::vector<>::_M_move_assign): Pass
>     *this allocator instance when building temporary vector instance
>     so that *this allocator do not get moved.

Please change this to "does not get moved"

>     * include/debug/safe_base.h
>     (_Safe_sequence_base(_Safe_sequence_base&&)): New.
>     * include/debug/vector (__gnu_debug::vector<>(vector&&)): Use
>     latter.

I don't think "latter" is clear here, please say something like "Use
new move constructor for base class" or "... for _Safe_sequence_base".

This is OK for trunk, thanks very much.

We might also want to fix just the normal-mode part on the 4.8 branch,
I'll think about that.

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