WIP: Implement Filesystem TS

Jonathan Wakely jwakely@redhat.com
Mon Aug 4 13:50:00 GMT 2014

This is a 99% complete implementation of the Filesystem TS as defined
by the N4099 draft,

The .cc files use C++14 but the headers are C++11 so it can be used by
more people. Rather than adding loads of new exports to libstdc++.so
the library builds as libstdc++fs.a, so you need to link to that to
use it. That might not be a permanent solution, but works for now.

To use std::quoted in C++11 headers I had to split the implementation
into the public C++14-only definition of std::quoted and the internals
which can now be called from elsewhere in the library by C++11 code.

It could do with more tests, especially for the directory iterators
(I've tested them locally, but doing so needs various files and
directories to exist, ideally with un-readable permissions, and that's
hard to set up in the testsuite).

I haven't prepared a ChangeLog entry yet either, as this is actually
33 separate patches in my local git tree (plus another one for python
pretty printers).

I'm not in a rush to commit this, but am posting it now for anyone
interested (I know Ed wants to see this). Comments and fixes welcome!
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