GNU Tools Cauldron 2013 - Registrations are now closed (plus FAQ)

Diego Novillo
Wed Jul 3 17:23:00 GMT 2013

An update on this year's Cauldron.

We have reached the maximum number of attendees that we can
accept.  Registrations are now closed.  If you still wish to
attend, contact us at
We have started a waiting list and will let you know if a slot
opens up

If you had registered but will no longer be able to attend,
please let us know so we can free up that slot for someone else.

Some miscellaneous notes for recent questions:

- The first night, we will meet at the Computer History Museum
  (  Registration
  starts at 18:30.  There will be a buffet dinner from 19:00 to

- Public transit directions from the Hotel Avante to the Google
  Campus are available online (e.g.,

- The conference will be held at Building 1200 (1200 Charleston
  Rd, Mountain View).  We will be using the conference rooms
  Tambourine and Triangle.

- We will likely be able to record all the presentations.  More
  details to follow.

- If you are presenting, you may bring your laptop or a usb stick
  with your presentation in pdf format.  There is wireless
  connectivity available.


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