[GSoC] Does this proposal look good?

Tim Shen timshen91@gmail.com
Tue Apr 23 17:21:00 GMT 2013

I've made a proposal under the guide of application. Is it detailed
and realistic?

By the way, here is a naive version of my implementation of
lookup_name in regex_traits :

It's not GCC style but will be, if everything else's fine. So, am I in
the right direction?


Tim Shen
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Completing C++11 regex 

* The Project

This proposal aims to implement regex interfaces required by the C++11 standard as much as the student can.
Besides, I get a clear status here(http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12530406/is-gcc4-7-buggy-about-regular-expressions) and here(http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show%5C_bug.cgi?id=53631) :)

* Goal

To finish:

    format in match_results
    different styles in basic_regex

* Time-line

May 27 - June 30
Read basic regex and regex nfa, try submit small patches, get familiar with GCC workflow, coding and documenting style

July 1 - July 7
Complete regex traits

July 8 - July 14
Implement format in match results

July 15 - July 21
Implement regex iterator

July 22 - July 28
Implement regex token iterator

July 29 - Aug 31
Implement different styles(basic, extended, awk, grep and egrep)

Sep 1 - Sep 16
Undefined so far. Must have some ideas at that time.

* Details

** regex_traits
Not tough. However on how to implement transform_primary for all platform, I need to ask in the mail list or ask the mentor.

** Format string, iterators
Shouldn't be tough. This is a deeper practicing.

** Different regex styles
It's the core part. I should already know anything about basic_regex and regex_nfa(even have made changes, I'm very interested in algorithms of compiling to NFA/DFAs and executing approaches). Then get to know all flavors of regular expressions. My experiences of compilers may help.

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