Add C++11 const char* overloads for exception classes.

Paolo Carlini
Fri Oct 26 14:40:00 GMT 2012

On 10/26/2012 04:36 PM, Ed Smith-Rowland wrote:
> On 10/26/2012 10:26 AM, Paolo Carlini wrote:
>> On 10/26/2012 04:11 PM, Ed Smith-Rowland wrote:
>>> Committed.
>> I can't find the message actually approving the patch. And personally 
>> I'm a bit nervous about it.
>> Paolo.
> Sorry, i though it was OK. Do you want me to roll back?  do you want to?
Yes please, thanks a lot. Bothe because of the export issue, also 
noticed by Benjamin, and because I seem to remember some trickery (which 
led me at the time to write down that long comment instead of actually 
doing the whole work ;)

Please be patient,

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