unordered set design modification

François Dumont
Sat Oct 20 21:07:00 GMT 2012


     Following remarks in PR 53067 regarding design of unordered 
containers here is a patch to prefer aggregation to inheritance with 
_Hashtable. I hope it is what you had in mind Jonathan. If so I will do 
the same for unordered_[multi]map.

2012-10-20  François Dumont  <>

     * include/bits/unordered_set.h (unordered_set<>): Prefer
     aggregation to inheritance with _Hashtable.
     (unordered_multiset<>): Likewise.
     * include/debug/unordered_set (operator==): Adapt.
     * include/profile/unordered_set (operator==): Adapt.
     * include/profile/map.h (map::emplace_hint): Remove invalid

     I have also put a fix in profile/map.h even if it is unrelated to 
this evolution. Should I commit it outside this patch ?

     Tested under Linux x86_64.

     Ok to commit ?


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