Fix stable_sort to work on iterators returning rvalue

François Dumont
Mon May 28 19:01:00 GMT 2012

  On 05/28/2012 12:11 PM, Christopher Jefferson wrote:
> My main concern is one I have mentioned previously. I'm unsure all our 
> code works with things like move_iterator, even when it correctly 
> compiles. We previously took out internal uses of move_iterator, 
> because while the code compiled it did not work correctly. Look at bug 
> : for any example.
> With this change, code which uses move_iterator, and operator< which 
> pass by value, will cause values to be 'eaten' during the sort. Now, 
> the standard in my opinion doesn't say this would be a bug, but it 
> certainly seems like it would be unpleasant.
> How to fix this? The simplest way might be to wrap all predicates / 
> operator< in a wrapper which just takes lvalue references. Not sure if 
> it is worth going to that much pain just to fix this.
> At the very least, I would want to see a bunch of tests which make 
> sure we don't have any other code which accidentally 'eats' users 
> data. Make sure you catch all the various bits of sort, some of which 
> get triggered rarely. I realise that is putting other people to a 
> higher standard than I put myself, but we have learnt this is a tricky 
> area :)
> Chris

     Does it mean that you refuse the patch ?

     The patch purpose is not to make the code compatible with 
move_iterator but to make it compatible with iterator types that return 
pure rvalue through their dereference operator. As a side effect 
std::move_iterator are going to compile too which might be bad but is it 
really a reason to forbid other kind of iterators ?

     Of course we should find a good way to handle move_iterator, and I 
can spend some time on it, but I think that it should be the subject of 
a dedicated patch.


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