[v3] fix libstdc++/53263

Paolo Carlini paolo.carlini@oracle.com
Mon May 14 19:56:00 GMT 2012

On 05/14/2012 09:53 PM, François Dumont wrote:
> On 05/12/2012 12:46 AM, Paolo Carlini wrote:
>> On 05/11/2012 09:34 PM, François Dumont wrote:
>>> Attached patch applied to trunk.
>>> 2012-05-11  François Dumont <fdumont@gcc.gnu.org>
>>>     PR libstdc++/53263
>>>     * include/debug/safe_iterator.h (__gnu_debug::__base): Move...
>>>     * include/debug/functions.h: ... Here. Add debug function
>>>     overloads to perform checks on normal iterators when possible.
>>>     * include/debug/macros.h (__glibcxx_check_heap)
>>>     (__glibcxx_check_heap_pred): Use __gnu_debug::__base on iterator 
>>> range.
>> Note, as a rule the ChangeLog should explicitly mention all the files 
>> you are touching. If you can, please amend it. Thanks!
> I don't think I miss any file, tell me otherwise.
What does it mean "Add debug function overloads"? Which are the *names* 
of those overloads? We want to know that, because we want to be able to 
grep the ChangeLog and see exactly when somebody touched each and every 


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