GNU Tools Cauldron 2012 - Hotels and registered presentations

Diego Novillo
Sun Apr 8 16:18:00 GMT 2012

An update on the GNU Tools Cauldron (

If you are starting to organize your trip, we have added some
suggestions about accomodation on the Cauldron page.  We have not
negotiated special prices with any hotel in Prague.

If you need an invitation letter for a visa to the Czech
Republic, send your request to

We have also added a list presentations registered so far.  There
are already about 24 presentations and BoFs registered, so we may
need to run parallel sessions.  Remember that we will also be
accepting last minute presentations on the first day of the
workshop, provided we have enough slots in the schedule.

Presenters, please double-check your entries at  If you find anything
missing or wrong, please contact me and I will correct it (or if
you have write-access to the wiki, feel free to correct it

If you are thinking about giving a presentation or organizing a
BoF, please send mail to

Your submission should contain the following information:


If you intend to participate, but not necessarily present, please
let us know as well.  Send a message to
stating your intent to participate.

We are starting to reach capacity, so contact us sooner rather
than later.

Thank you.

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