Intrinsics for N2965: Type traits and base classes

Benjamin Kosnik
Tue Oct 4 04:41:00 GMT 2011

> OK. Here is a new diff that hopefully takes into account all of
> Jason's and Benjamin's comments. Benjamin's TR2 build patch is not
> repeated (or tested!) here. Benjamin, I'd really appreciate if you
> wouldn't mind confirming I handled that correctly in tr2/type_traits
> (Including the inclusion of std/type_traits).

Hey! Here is a preliminary test suite. Just the basics on this one.
There's a bit of an issue with fundamental types, ICEs, but seems

From here on in, just populate the testsuite/tr2/* directories with .cc
files. They will be tested by the testsuite machinery.

Your typelist interface looks pretty good. We should start here for the
interface, and can embellish it after it goes in.

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