[v3] <regex> implementation foundation, version 3

Stephen M. Webb stephenw.webb@bregmasoft.ca
Wed Jun 23 20:49:00 GMT 2010

On 23/06/10 16:36, Paolo Carlini wrote:
> Excellent, thanks. As far as I'm concerned, I think we are *very* close
> to the point of actually committing the code. Maybe Jon has more comments.

If I get no more comments in 24 hours or so should I go ahead and commit, 

> Only, since we have those three static constants - belonging to a non
> template class, thus, correctly, in a *.cc file - we must actually add a
> pattern to the linker script, otherwise we could as well take the risk
> of leaving out the definitions for now. I don't have a strong opinion,
> if the code works anyway (ie, doesn't take the address), and we are not
> exposed to the user... The problem with new exports is that you cannot
> go back, if you make a mistake... Whatever is ok with Jon is ok with me.

The linker script change is included in the patch.

If constexpr get finished soon I could replace those three constants with 
something more compile-timey, but I would rather just get this checked in so 
I can move on to implementing more functionality.

Stephen M. Webb

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