python pretty print gdb script error on map

Jonathan Wakely
Sat Jun 19 10:37:00 GMT 2010

On 19 June 2010 03:40, asmwarrior wrote:
> I have a MinGW version of GCC 4.4.4 and GCC 4.5. The stdlibc++ python
> scirpts (show the map content) works fine with MinGW 4.4.4. and Failed with
> MinGW 4.5, so, I guess the internal implementation of GCC has changed
> between versions.

I don't think it has, but I can reproduce the error with 4.5, but not
with 4.6 or Fedora's 4.4

>>> By the way, I have found when I used python pretty printer to show the
>>> local
>>> variables, there are some problems. Sometimes, gdb command "info local"
>>> shows some variables that are not initialized, then gdb will get crashed,
>>> because python script will resolve the wrong address when a variable is
>>> not
>>> initialized. Is there any way to solve this.
>> That's a GDB issue, there's nothing GCC can do about that.
> About this question. I personally think that there are some "debug
> informations stored in the debugee", the that the gdb can understand which
> local variables are initialized or not.

I may have spoken to soon, there may something GCC can do to help GCC,
but that would have to be discussed between the GCC and GDB devs, and
this is the wrong list for it.

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