[v3] Don't create unlinkable 64-bit libtestc++.a on IRIX 6

Rainer Orth ro@CeBiTec.Uni-Bielefeld.DE
Thu Dec 9 15:43:00 GMT 2010

Paolo Carlini <paolo.carlini@oracle.com> writes:

> On 12/09/2010 04:14 PM, Rainer Orth wrote:
>> I've also bootstrapped it without both multilibs on
>> x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu (mainline only).
> I suppose you meant *with*.

Of course, otherwise the test would be meaningless ;-)  I always test
with all multilibs.

>> Ok for mainline and both branches now?  I'll ask the RMs for the 4.5
>> branch before committing there before the 4.5.2 release.
> Ok, thanks.


Rainer Orth, Center for Biotechnology, Bielefeld University

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