[PATCH, libstdc++] Update alpha-linux-gnu baseline_symbols.txt

Uros Bizjak ubizjak@gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 07:47:00 GMT 2009

On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 9:01 PM, Benjamin Kosnik <bkoz@redhat.com> wrote:

>>       PR libstdc++/38834
>>       * config/abi/post/alpha-linux-gnu/baseline_symbols.txt: Update.
> I don't see anything wrong with your generated file, it is as I
> expect, but please hold off on this until we can coordinate an update
> for all arches together.


> There don't appear to be current 4.4.0 testresults for alpha-linux
> posted on gcc-testresults. Do you have results? IMHO, check-abi should
> be passing, regardless of the updated baseline. If it isn't, please
> detail.

I have testresults, and with latest update to gnu,ver and
ldbl-extra.ver abi-check passes on alpha with and without attached
patch. Testresults will be posted in a couple of days from a debian
test machine.


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