[profile-stdlib] PATCH: Add three diagnostics and implement cost factor parameterization

Benjamin Kosnik bkoz@redhat.com
Thu Dec 10 03:19:00 GMT 2009

> 1) New diagnostics
>   - list-to-vector; if data is inserted at the end of the list and
> iteration operation is common, vector is better.
>   - list-to-slist; slist is more likely to fit in a cache line due to
> less memory usage.
>   - list-to-set; if a find operation, 'std::find', is frequently used
> in the list, set is better.

Please add docs for this in the section "Diagnostics."

> 2) Cost factor parameterization; constant factors of the cost models
> for diagnostics can be read from a file, "libstdcxx-profile.conf" or
> environment variables.

Please add docs for this in the section "Using the Profile Mode."

For these changes, please try to use the include guard 
form in a consistent manner. 

I'll change the rest of the impl files to do this. And do some cleanup
on the existing impl files for formatting issues.

Also, the date on copyright years for files created this year should be
2009, not 2008.

Your patch did not apply cleanly to trunk. And needs a ChangeLog entry.

Change implementation namespace to match trunk.

namespace __cxxprof_impl
namespace __gnu_profile

Change copyright year to 2009

As an aside, which has nothing to do with your patch since you're just
using the pattern already established, the use of __settings<0> and
__tables<0> is a bit maddening. I assume this is just a linkage
convenience, to avoid the need for a linked (and thus exported) symbol.


are the big users.


And look at the 

* include/profile/impl/profiler.h: 


Can the tricks used with __reentrance_guard work for __settings and

> There is an issue related to thel instrumentation of 'std::find'.
> It seems that 'bits/stl_algo.h' was modified for the parallel mode so
> that its functions declared in the namespace of '_GLIBCXX_STD_P' can
> be used instead of original functions in the release mode.
> Currently, I did the same thing, conditional compilation stuff, to
> hide the original 'find' function under its wrapper function.
> This inevitably causes a modification to the original
> 'bits/stl_algo.h'. Alternatively, it is possible to duplicate the
> 'bits/stl_algo.h' in 'profile/stl_algo.h' and modify the copy to
> avoid any intrusion from the profile mode to the release mode.
> It would be appreciated if you come up with a better idea to deal
> with this.

Can your remove the parts of the patch that deal with "std::find" for
the time being and just submit the rest? 

This part doesn't look right to me. You'd have to change
bits/algorithmfwd.h too, for starters. And in that file you'd just
make std::find conditional on both Parallel and Profile macros. 


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