[PATCH][libstdc++-v3 parallel mode] PR 33488

Johannes Singler singler@ira.uka.de
Fri Sep 28 14:11:00 GMT 2007

This should fix PR 33488, and a similar problem for inner_product, also
adding corresponding test cases.

No regressions.

Please approve.

Also, we would like to get some comments/votes on

-- Johannes

*      include/parallel/base.h: Added plus and multiplies functor
       for differently typed objects
*      include/parallel/numeric: Used the above
*      include/parallel/for_each_selectors.h: Allowed different types
*      include/parallel/partial_sum.h: Fixed return value
*      testsuite/26_numerics/accumulate/1.cc: Tests for accumulate
*      testsuite/26_numerics/inner_product/1.cc: Tests for inner_product

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