How widely used are <ext/hash_set> and <ext/hash_map>?

Marcus Meissner
Fri Oct 26 21:29:00 GMT 2007

On Thu, Oct 25, 2007 at 09:40:06PM -0700, Joe Buck wrote:
> The thread arguing about this has gone on for a while, so I think
> it's time to gather some data to answer the question of just how bad
> it will be if we accept the decision to move ext/hash_set and ext_hash_map
> into a different directory and to deprecate them.
> Any of you out there who put out distros or port collections: how many 
> packages in your distro use these classes?  You can grep for
> '# *include *<ext/hash'
> I'm particularly interested in the "Debian number", since the package
> collection is so large.  Other information about use of these classes
> will be interesting as well.

For SUSE the ones the grep above found:
	- kdevelop3
	- amarok
	- xmms-kde
	- apt
	- abiword
	- pan
	- scim
	- kseg
	- pdns
Mostly one or two occurences.

Ciao, Marcus

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